Episode 28

028: Cross-Cultural Life and Love with Sharyl Loeung


March 29th, 2020

1 hr 4 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

Well, when I recorded this interview with my friend Sharyl we lived in a very different world. We weren’t thinking about global pandemics, social distancing, or using zoom quite as much as we are now. Many of us are sheltering in place and facing restrictions to help slow the spread of this new virus. We are, well at least I am, at times anxious and fearful about what this means for me and the world and then other times overwhelmed by the beauty, solidarity, selflessness, creativity, and service that I see. The anxiety and fear has produced very real acts of racism and xenophobia towards Asian-Americans. The President has insisted on calling this “The Chinese Virus”. I won’t speculate about why he has done that, but I will point out that there are very real world consequences for using this kind of language and it is irresponsible when there is clear, neutral language used by most scientists and health professionals. You can go to twitter and search the hashtag #iamnotavirus and read for yourself many of the experiences and stories from those who have experienced racist and xenophobic behavior.

So, for some of these reasons and many more I’m very happy to share with you my conversation with Sharyl Loeung. We do mention Lunar New Year which has since passed, but also might be a starting point for us to understand our Asian American brothers and sisters a bit better in such a time as this.

In this episode I talk to Sharyl Loeung about being part of a multicultural family, falling in love, working with multicultural students, and the weird things people have said to her about her kids.

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