C. Christopher Smith is a long-time member of the Englewood Christian Church community on the urban Near Eastside of Indianapolis, founding editor of The Englewood Review of Books, and acclaimed author. His newest book is How the Body of Christ Talks: Recovering The Practice of Conversation in the Church (forthcoming, Brazos Press, April 2019).

Chris was born in Washington, DC, and grew up in the Southern Maryland suburbs of the nation’s capital. He graduated from a large public high school, and came to the midwest to do his undergraduate work at Taylor University, an evangelical liberal arts school. After college, he got a fellowship to study history and philosophy of science at Indiana University, eventually graduating with an M.A. He has lived in central Indiana for over 25 years.

All of Chris’s work — reading, writing, speaking — focuses on helping congregations cultivate a deeper life together by reading, thinking, imagining, and most importantly, by talking together. He regularly teaches these interwoven practices in congregational, academic, denominational, and ecumenical settings.

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