Reverend Kyndall Rae Rothaus is a spiritual guide, preacher, poet, and feminist theologian. She often works with people on the margins of the church, and she is particularly interested in religious trauma, feminist spirituality, mystical traditions, and the intersection of systemic oppression and soul work.

Kyndall brings a deep reverence for the individual to her work. She is moved by people’s stories and trusts their experience. Her practice as a spiritual director is intuitive, creative, and trauma-informed.

She is the author of Preacher Breath and an occasional writer for various publications such as Working Preacher, Baptist News Global, and Ethics Daily. She is the co-founder of Nevertheless She Preached, a preaching event led and designed by women. Kyndall considers the spoken word her primary art form, and she loves to share her poetry and preaching with the world.

Kyndall Rothaus has been a guest on 2 episodes.