Hi! I’m Pam Laricchia. (If you’re curious, it’s la-RICK-ee-ah.)

And I’m fascinated by unschooling.

By our individually unique and inspiring unschooling journeys. By the endlessly different ways the unschooling lifestyle plays out in our families. By our children!

My mission is to help parents cultivate a thriving unschooling lifestyle in their family.

And my ultimate vision? To foster a world full of connected, supportive families who explore the world side by side with curiosity and joy—adults and children alike.

My family began unschooling back in 2002 and the experience has been more inspiring than I ever thought possible! My three children are now young adults and the depth and strength of our relationships still takes my breath away. Their self-awareness and creativity shines through. Life isn’t easy, but our unschooling lifestyle has helped us all learn ways to move through our days with intention and grace—at least most of the time.

Unschooling is an unconventional choice, but as you come to understand learning more deeply and see it in action with your own children, you will likely find that the principles of unschooling begin to weave seamlessly into your days. It soon grows beyond an educational method to a lifestyle.

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